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At the time this article was written, the I5NET Ad network was average 1 Click thru per 119 displays.  This outperforms most other ad networks because it is a closed advertising environment.  Most ad networks average 1 in 300.

Below are some examples of the best performing ads and worst performing ads that have been run on our system:


Averages 1 Click-thru every 35 displays (

Disney always puts people in a good mood!  Can't explain why else this ad is so popular.

Averages 1 Click-thru every 64 displays (

Cheerful i5net URL bouncing back and forth make this ad pleasant but not overwhelming.

Averages 1 Click-thru every 76 displays (

Good information was provided for the targeted audience.

Averages 1 Click-thru every 81 displays (

Simple ads sometimes get the most interest.

Averages 1 Click-thru every 90 displays (

Back to that simplicity thing.  No animation, no overwhelming colors, yet this ad was very successful.

The last three ads above show that animation isn't necessarily a good thing.  Actually as we show below, it can hurt your ad's chance for responses.  People usually see the ads out of the corner of their eyes.  If the ad hurts to look at, the eyes register that message and will keep the visitor from looking at that part of the screen.

Examples of the BAD!

Averages 1 Click-thru every 310 displays ( .  This ad had too much blinking and loud colors for it to be attractive to the customer.

Averages 1 Click-thru every 257 displays ( This ad has too targeted an audience to receive a significant number of click-thru's.

Averages 1 Click-thru every 240 displays (

I think it may have been the colors?

Averages 1 Click-thru every 239 displays (

Important message was displayed, but the attitude of the banner kept visitors from wanting to click on it.  Reds are not an inviting color for this ad.  The ad is hostile in nature.