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Welcome to the I-5 Network Solutions Advertising Network:  Advertising banners like the one above are common place on the WWW.  Now I-5 Network Solutions has built an advertising network that our customers can post their ads on for FREE.  


Here's how it works!  


Step 1:


The Rules and Regulations :


  1. In order to join, you must already be a service customer or hosting customer of I-5 Network Solutions, or I5stores.

  2. You can only advertise for sites that contain 'G' rated material. I5NET reserves the right to censor any adds which contain offensive material or link to offensive sites.  You must also be advertising for your site hosted with i5net, or related materials.

  3. We also reserve the right to decline service to anyone at anytime for any reason.  We want to provide our customers these services, however, if a customer becomes a problem for our technical support staff we will shut you off.  

  4. The service attempts to equally distribute hits equally among the banners in our network.  We are not responsible for any inequities which may occur.

  5. We reserve the right to change how the service works or any of the rules at any time.

  6. I-5 Network Solutions may sell advertising space on the network to sponsors outside the I5NET customer base. (we don't currently do this, but may change our policy in the future)


Step 2:


You are required to post an advertising banner on your home page.


1.    In order to become a member of the Ad Network, you must add a banner add to your home page (Dial-up Customers File Manager elective customers have this done automatically).  For doing this, all i5net customers are provided the following allotment of banners which they can submit to us to add to the network:


        Dial-up Customers                    1 - banner   

        Business Hosting Accounts       5 - banners

        I5stores Accounts                     5 - banners (if you have both a storefront and static site you are allotted 7 banners)


In addition, you may add the banners to the additional pages on your site to receive additional credits at the rate of 1 additional banner per 3 pages that you place a banner on.  You must place the banners on active pages linked to your home page.  The website and pages the banners are displayed on are required to be independent (not a duplicate site) and "active" (obtaining hits from sources other than the author). 


2.    We don't really care where you put it.  Well... That's not quite true!  In general the top of the page will have more exposure than the bottom of the page, but if you want to stick your fellow i5net customers advertising banners at the bottom of your page, then do it.  Just as long as the banner shows up somewhere! (you should expect the same treatment from the others though)  That is the price for participating in this shared advertising network!


3.    We will provide monthly hit and click through statistics!


4.    To locate the advertising banner on your page, add one of the following sets of html code directly to the html code section of your page:



ALTERNATIVE 1 : Full Advertisement : description : rotating banner add + static I5NET icon ad + "Please Click to Visit" header


ALTERNATIVE 2 : Moderate Advertisement : description : rotating banner add + "Please Click to Visit" header


ALTERNATIVE 3 : Simple Advertisement : description : rotating banner add.  This is the most common form of the adverts you will see on our sites.


We will be adding some more alternatives soon!  Including half size banners, vertical banners and icon ads.



Step 3:


Once you have added the advertising banners to your page, the banners will begin to show up.  Only one banner will show for each code addition you make.  The banners will randomly select from our list of available banners, each time the page is displayed.  So you will likely see a different banner each time you view your page.  All banners displays are tracked (i.e. we have software that follows where what was displayed and if anyone clicked on it)  


Creating Banner Files:


Currently we require that all banners submitted must be 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall.  Why this?  I don't really know... Somebody started it eons (3-4 years on the internet) ago and now its a common advert size for horizontal banners.  We also require that all banners be GIF or JPG format graphics files.  If you've worked with these file types before, you'll know that for these purposes you'll probably want to stick with GIF.  JPG files can change there colors when being displayed over the internet and do not allow for frames (the secret behind animated banners.  We also want our customer banner files to be less than 10k in size.  With animations this isn't always possible, so submit your banner anyway, the worst we could do is say "no".


We recommend that you create your banners yourself.  There are lots of freeware and shareware products out there that will help you do it.  I personally use a shareware program called "HOT BANNERS" that I found on the davecentral directory.  If this isn't possible we will be offering banner creation services in the short future, and will put a link here when we do.  They will probably run about $25 a banner and if your interested you can contact .


You must upload your banner to some place on your website that we can access. 


You are now ready to add/remove your banners to the I-5 Ad Network!


1.   Fill out the application for any banners you want to add!  You will need to have your banner uploaded to your website somewhere that we can access it (we recommend an images directory)


2.   Fill out the form at for any banners you want to remove!


You must fill out all the requested information to receive service.  You will be notified by e-mail when your banner is activated.


Step 4:


Viewing your banner statistics:  Your e-mail address you used when applying for your banner serves as your password to the information.  


A report is generated upon your request which shows the number of times your banner has been viewed and the number of "click-thru's" you've received.  To view your add statistics on how often it has been displayed and how many click thru's you are getting, enter your e-mail address at : BANNER STATISTICS  The report will be e-mailed to you.


That's all there is to it!  NOW get ready for all the additional business the increased exposure will bring you.