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There are many ways to make your home computer "kid-friendly". By using your Internet Options Button under tool in Internet Explorer you can set a guard for any channels that are considered PG or higher. If a page of questionable nature is brought up, before is will fully load, a password must be put in. If the password is not correct, the page will not load. Make sure when you enable the filters, to allow for pages that have no rating to show up. This will ease some frustration later.
You can also use the many search engines created for "kid searched". We have place a few on our KIDZ PAGE. We also search the internet monthly to place new games, puzzles and kid/teen friendly site links here. This would be a great start off page for your computer and you kids.
You can also set-up the search engines when you initially log on. There is a family filters button found on Excite, Alta Vista as well as others, which when clicked will only return family friendly sites.

Please feel free to send any questions or comments to us. We will post them on this page and do our best to find solutions.





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