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Search for Dial-up Numbers by location below:

Search ALL NETWORKS HERE! : Select your Dial up network from the list.  Your Dial up network reference is in your dial-up username as :  where the "h" tells you network "H".  Your network may be a different reference code.

The "Auto Setup" feature allows you to adjust your default dial-up networking properties to the selected number.  We recommend that advanced users do this manually as we have not confirmed with the network as to what other changes this feature makes.

Network A Dial-up Numbers : Nationwide - Some minor markets and mostly major cities.

Network B Dial-up Numbers : Nationwide - Network B-5 requires non-i5net hosted e-mail (not recommended if you only have network B-5 Number available - See Network D as an alternative).

Network C Dial-up Numbers : Some US (Eastern and Major Cities) and mostly International Numbers - Good Global Coverage.  Most International numbers also carry a per minute surcharge.

Network D Dial-up Numbers : Good Choice! Nationwide - Extensive US  Based Dial-up Network.

Network E Dial-up Numbers : Limited Coverage Network.. (numbers available only upon special request)

Network F Dial-up Numbers : International Network - Mostly Europe.  No per minute surcharges. 

Network G Dial-up Numbers : Mostly Canada and some international coverage.  No per minute surcharges.

Network H Dial-up Numbers : Good Choice! Extensive Network - Mostly Western USA (numbers available upon request)

*I5 Network Solutions is dedicated to providing and hosting quality web content. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate service to any customer as a result of complaints or discovery of offensive material, this includes use of email for distribution of offensive material or spamming. Thank you.

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