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Business Hosting
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Standard Business Hosting (No Dial-up)

Initial Setup: NONE

Monthly $15.95

Unlimited Traffic on your Web Site

200 meg web space (additional space neg.)

Domain Aliasing : and e-mail@yourdomain

Use up to 20 e-mail accounts

1 Dial-up Account on your choice of one of our  dial-up Networks

FrontPage Server Extensions (Included)

SSL Shared Server Certificate

Full FTP Access

Control Panel File Manager and Account Manager

Guest book

Hit and page view statistics tracking software


Free participation in the I-5 Net Advertising Network

(Special restrictions do apply)


*I5 Network Solutions is dedicated to providing and hosting quality web content. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate service to any customer as a result of complaints or discovery of offensive material, this includes use of email for distribution of offensive material or spamming. Thank you.

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